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EASEEedi software enables you to undertake Business-To-Business (B2B) electronic document exchange with your customers and your suppliers
EASEEedi is fully integrated into all MYOB accounting Solutions.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) EASEEedi™ – transaction over the internet with no data entry required.

EASEEedi allows you to import a Purchase Order from a customer into your MYOB software to create a sales order without the need to re-key any data.
You can also send a Purchase Order to a supplier electronically so they do not need to re-key. This reduces mistakes and speeds up the process. When the orders fulfilment is completed EASEEedi will electronically send and receive electronic invoices and automatically match these to the original Purchase Order.

MYOB EDI Process

Cat Tech has been developing interated software for MYOB for over 10 years. EASEEedi is fully integerated with all versions of MYOB software from Essentials, AccountRight, Premier and Exo. EASEEedi gives MYOB customers automated EDI transactions over the internet, posting Sales Orders direct to MYOB. With zero data entry and zero effort. EASEEedi interfaces into all the major eProcurement system. EASEEedi and MYOB help you grow your business.



What is MYOB?

MYOB a leading provider of business management solutions in New Zealand and Australia.

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EASEEedi – become a super supplier
The evolution of the internet is now seeing more and more corporations looking to data exchange to reduce overheads and drive productivity gains.

EASEEedi supports a number of popular EDI formats to transmit from your MYOB software a fully validated EDI document with guaranteed delivery to your trading partner.

EASEEedi makes receiving orders from your customers and sending orders to your suppliers quick, simple, accurate and secure.

EASEEedi cuts the man hours on menial tasks and saves you valuable business dollars.

The EASEEedi process is no different from the manual process except the computers talk to each other and the process is done in seconds not hours or days. Freeing you and your staff to deal with business not data entry.

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